Learning at Work week is an annual event in May. It aims to to put a spotlight on the importance and benefits of learning and development at work. This year it takes place from 15th-21st May and the theme is 'Curious & Creative'.

ScOPT are running a series of articles on the website to tie in with Learning at Work week, as well as highlighting appropriate resources each day.

The idea this week was to post a series of articles during Learning at Work week. Following on from the article on the placement journey this morning, here is a list of resources related to that topic. There will a final article and post tomorrow so keep an eye out.

Placement Journey


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Developing a Quality Practice Curriculum: A Guide for Practice Educators (2014) by Siobhan Maclean. This is a ring bound folder with activities to support learning in relation to specific aspects of the standards against which we assess social work students. This has recently been updated to map to the Professional Capabilities Framework (PCF) used in England and can be used with students and NQSWs.

Effective Practice Learning in Social Work (Transforming Social Work Practice Series) by Jonathan Parker (2010). This is aimed at students but equally helpful to Practice Educators and Link Workers when thinking about preparing for practice, using supervision and gathering evidence.

Social Work Placements: A Traveller's Guide (Student Social Work) by Mark Doel (2009). This book is set out using the metaphor of a journey to guide the student through the life of a placement. It begins with having the right "documentation", goes through "arriving", "mapping", "guiding", "testing", coping when the "going gets tough", going "off the beaten track" and "afterwards".

Becoming a Social Worker: a Guide for Students
Caroline Humphrey (2011)
Sage Publications Ltd

Social work placements: A student perspective
Janine Buck (2012)
Journal of Practice Teaching & Learning 7(1) 2006-07, pp.6-12.

The Resilient Survivor — A Student Social Worker's Journey on Placement
Jane Smith (2014)
Social Work Education, the International Journal
Volume 33, 2014 - Issue 7

An Unfinished Reflexive Journey: Social Work Students' Reflection on their Placement Experiences
Ching Man Lam, Hung Wong and Terry Tse Fong Leung (2006)
British Journal of Social Work
Volume 37, issue 1, pages 91-105

Top tips for social work students
Guardian, Social Care Network (2012)

Enhancing social work students’ learning experience and readiness to undertake practice learning
George Wilson and Berni Kelly
SWAP, Higher Education Academy


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