Dr Prospera Tedam

Strategies for providing anti-racist practice learning opportunities: the potential of the ‘Dignity in Practice Learning’ framework

Prospera Tedam asks us to reflect on the sensitive yet crucial questions about discrimination and oppression in practice learning.
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Pain and pleasure: ideas for managing the ongoing challenge of supporting social work students with critical reflection

Kirstin Parkes outlines some strategies to help practice educators facilitate improved critical reflection in practice learning experiences.
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Relationship Based Practice – reinforcing, reigniting and reconnecting motivation

The emotional responses of students help them make sense of all aspects of their lives and this is equally true in practice. Richard Ingram discusses the required thought and reflection to use them appropriately.
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Twisting and turning between practice and theory

When a social work student embarks on practice learning, the requirement to demonstrate their ability to integrate practice and theory may appear at first to be a relatively straightforward question of applying what they have learnt at university to their practice on placement. It can take a while to realise that practice and theory rarely have a neat and tidy relationship. Jean Gordon does some #ThursdayThunking.
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Harmful supervision

Liz Beddoe reflects on when supervision can be less than helpful.
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The A to Z of good supervision

In the second of a series of ThursdayThunking from ScOPT, Liz Beddoe talks about supervision.
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Courageous conversations that make a difference!

This month, Jo Finch talks about having courageous conversations and conversations that make a difference.
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Do you want to do some ThursdayThunking?

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