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Social and individual challenges and solutions

This Practice Wisdom comes from Dr Gabor Mate, speaker, physician and author. He is best known for his expertise on addiction, stress, childhood trauma, and the mind-body connection. During this Coronavirus global lockdown, Gabor is providing guidance on coping with isolation, raising emotional awareness and finding opportunities for growth.
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FREE WEBINAR: Writing for the Journal of Practice Teaching and Learning

Led by Mark Doel and the Editor, Prospera Tedam, this webinar is intended EQUALLY for those who have already published in other journals and those who would like to submit an article for the first time.
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Response from SSSC to ScOPT’s letter regarding suspended placements

SSSC have responded to our letter on suspension of placements and implications for placement fees.
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Invitation to participate in research on Ethical Challenges for Social Workers during COVID-19

You are invited to participate in research that examines the ethical challenges faced by social workers globally during the COVID-19 pandemic. If you are a social worker, or social work student, you are eligible to participate.
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