Learning at Work week is an annual event in May. It aims to to put a spotlight on the importance and benefits of learning and development at work. This year it takes place from 15th-21st May and the theme is 'Curious & Creative'.

ScOPT are running a series of articles on the website to tie in with Learning at Work week, as well as highlighting appropriate resources each day.

The idea this week is to post a series of articles during Learning at Work week. Following on from the article on Assessing Learning this morning, here is a list of resources related to that topic. There will be more articles throughout the week so keep an eye out.

Assessing Learners


See resources on ScOPTbox tagged with ASSESSING LEARNERS

ALPS Assessment Tools, Assessment and Learning in Practice Settings

Supporting struggling students on placement, a practical guide
Jo Finch
Policy Press
ISBN 978-1447328735

Policy Press have set up a discount code for ScOPT members to get 30% off any of their books. You need to order at www.policypress.co.uk and enter the code POSCOPT at the checkout.

Good Practice Guide on Assessment and Feedback to Students

'She didn't seem like a social worker': Practice Educators’ experiences and perceptions of assessing failing social work students on placement
Jason Schaub and Roger Dalrymple (2011)

The 'not yet competent' student: Exploring narratives of failure
Graeme Simpson and Ani Murr (2013)

Toolkit: Assessing Social Work Students in Practice
Hoople Ltd, Herefordshire

Evidence scope regarding the use of practice observation methods as part of the assessment of social work practice
Gillian Ruch, Research into Practice (2015)

Examples from Practice: Supervision - a group model for student social work supervision at Cornerstone
Francis McFaul


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