Learning at Work week is an annual event in May. It aims to to put a spotlight on the importance and benefits of learning and development at work. This year it takes place from 15th-21st May and the theme is 'Curious & Creative'.

ScOPT are running a series of articles on the website to tie in with Learning at Work week, as well as highlighting appropriate resources each day.

The idea this week was to post a series of articles during Learning at Work week. Following on from the article on the mindfulness this morning, here is a list of resources related to that topic. See all of our Learning at Work week articles.



Article on ScOPTbox about mindfulness

Short video... about mindfulness (7 mins)

Bringing mindfulness to social work
Sandra Gyaltsen (2014)

'How mindfulness is helping me handle the stress of social work'
Shirley Dunkin-Read (2015)

Could mindfulness work for you?
Stephanie Sparrow (2016)

Mindful social work: 'I was really empathising, not just planning my well-versed response'
Mia Holmes (2016)

Self care for social workers: how mindfulness can help
Abigail Bryning (2015)

Promoting conscious competence by introducing mindfulness to social work students
Jayne Howie, Debbie Innes, Paul Harvey (2016)

Mindfulness: 10 Lessons in Self-Care for Social Workers
Deborah Lisansky Beck (no date)

Mindfulness Practice and Self-Care for Introverted Social Workers
Arnie Kozak (2015)

Mindfulness and Social Work
Steven Hick (Ed) (2009)
Lyceum Books
ISBN: 9780190616243

Mindfulness and Acceptance in Social Work: Evidence-Based Interventions and Emerging Applications
Matthew Boone (2004)
New Harbinger
ISBN: 9781608828906

Isaacs, W. (2005) 'Listening' in Malone, C., Forbat, L., Robb, M. and Seden, J. (eds) Relating Experience: Stories from Health and Social Care, London, Routledge/The Open University.

Nairn, R. (1998). Diamond mind : psychology of meditation, Kalk Bay, South Africa, Kairoon Press.


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