The 12th International Conference on Practice Teaching and Field Education in Health and Social Work (let’s just call it the ’Practice Teaching Conference’, shall we?) has extended the deadline for abstracts to December 31st 2017. The Conference will be held in Oxford on 10th and 11th September 2018 and abstracts are invited in relation to the Conference themes which are:

  • Technology-based innovation
  • Practice education tools and models
  • New perspectives in adult learning
  • Research on practice learning and field education
  • Interprofessional practice learning
  • International approaches to practice education

Submit your abstracts through this link –

We do encourage you to submit an abstract. There is so much innovative work going on, particularly in Scotland, and we need the world to know about it. In terms of the cost of the conference, do consider applying to SWET for support – we know how challenging it can be for practitioners to get funding for conference attendance.

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