Today is the launch of the Centenary of Social Work at The University at Edinburgh.

What began as the School of Social Study and Training went on to take a pre-eminent part in the creation of social welfare policy and practice and social work education in Scotland, the UK and around the world, as graduates and members of staff played key roles in the development of legislation, policy and practice in the ‘social’ professions at home and abroad.

The Trustees and members of SCOPT send our congratulations and very best wishes to our friends and colleagues, past and present, at the University of Edinburgh for this significant milestone.

To celebrate this 100-year anniversary, Viv Cree, Professor of social work studies at the University of Edinburgh, has edited a special virtual issue of The British Journal of Social Work.

Viv explains,

"I have chosen a range of articles that relate to Scotland, beginning with one from the very first issue of the journal. The selection is purposive: I have tried to cover a number of different topics and service user groups, as well as papers that are both policy and research based. All the articles offer some insight into social work in the past and in the present day. The picture that emerges is one of sameness and difference. Social work in Scotland shares with the rest of the UK (and with much of the 'developed' world) a number of challenges and opportunities that are at heart of social work; it also has within it a deeply Scottish approach to social welfare."

One of ScOPT's Trustees, Moira Dunworth - then Moira Kirwin - features in this virtual issue with the article from 1994: "Gender and Social Work: Will Dip. S.W. make a difference?". Viv comments that Moira's findings from the early 1990s are incredibly prescient today.

ScOPT member Jane Fenton is also included, with an article from 2014: "An Analysis of ‘Ethical Stress’ in Criminal Justice Social Work in Scotland: The Place of Values". Viv notes that it could easily be any situation in social work, with any service user group, where the expectation is that practitioners should put their social work values to one side, but wonders how we can all better influence the agenda so that social work values are allowed to flourish.

100 years of Social Work education at the University of Edinburgh
- BJSW Virtual Issue

Celebrating 100 years of Social Work at Edinburgh University

Experiencing Social Work Exhibition
An interactive exhibition with photographs, posters and audio.
Ocean Terminal shopping centre, Edinburgh
11th November 2017, 9:00am-5:00pm


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  1. Gillian Muir says:

    Congratulations indeed to all, past and present, supporting the development of Social Work education and practice at the University of Edinburgh!
    These articles and the historic occasion provide an opportunity for us as educators and practitioners to reflect with peers and students on the strong links between research and practice development. We can do this with reference to the contexts of time, political perspectives, policy and legal frameworks and social concerns.

    My first contact with the University of Edinburgh was as a Social Science student in Belfast about to embark on a SW qualification in Scotland. Many of the text books handed on to me by colleagues of my mother, a SW in NI, were from graduates of the University of Edinburgh – you certainly have had a wide reach!

    Best wishes
    Gillian Muir

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