Changing Places: Health, Social Work and Community Placements
International Symposium, 15th September 2017
Monash University Campus, Italy

In August, we reported that Fiona Stansfield, Acting Chair of ScOPT, would have the opportunity of attending and presenting on ScOPTbox at an International Symposium about practice learning in social work and allied health clinical placements in Italy. The event was jointly organised by Sussex and Monash universities.

The focus of the symposium was innovation and collaboration and we were delighted that ScOPTbox was recognised as an example of both!

Fiona Stansfield talking about ScOPTbox in ItalyHere, Fiona provides feedback on her experience:

“I had the pleasure of presenting a ScOPTbox workshop at the above event, a collaboration between the University of Sussex and Monash University in Tuscany, Italy.

What an interesting and thought provoking event it was! As a social worker, practice teacher and academic based in Scotland it was fascinating to hear of developments throughout the rest of the UK and Australia in the field of social work education and practice learning.

Presentations on the day explored practice learning, the changing climate of practice teaching and the challenges and opportunities that this presents. It was excellent to have front line practitioners presenting on the reality of delivering practice learning while at the front line of social work!

I am really pleased to say that ScOPTbox was very positively received by those in attendance with all acknowledging the value of a practice learning resource and the accessibility of being available online. ScOPTbox is free for all and is not Scottish-specific so can be accessed by all across the UK and the world to support all of those working with social work students.

A few of us tweeted on the day you can see these at #changingplacesprato2017

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