ScOPT is a member-led organisation, run by members for members. We publish lots of articles, news, events, and ThursdayThunkings on our website each year.

The only way we know what works, what doesn’t, what you like, what you don’t like... is if you tell us. We do get some encouragement occasionally when we’re out and about at various meetings, and sometimes people send us emails, retweet things on Twitter, or comment on the website.

We are very keen to hear your views to see if we can make any changes or improvements in the future. We value your opinion... and to be honest, we need to know that our efforts are worthwhile.

Please do feed back to us - commenting on the website is good as others can see comments and maybe even start a dialogue.

So, if you read something that piques your interest, let us know, share the article with colleagues, and then pop a comment up on the website 🙂

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