Fiona Stansfield, ScOPT Chair, attended the NOPT conference 26 June 2018.

"What a warm welcome I received attending the NOPT (National Organisation for Practice Teachers) 2018 Conference at the University of Worcester. It was lovely to be invited to present a workshop on ScOPTbox and to meet the fantastic committee of NOPT and all the dedicated practice teachers working with students in England.

Aidan Worsley of the University of Central Lancashire presented the key note on ‘Regulations, Renovations and Reservations’. Social Workers in England have seen significant changes in their regulatory bodies over the last 18 years with another new wave in front of them through the creation of Social Work England who will assume responsibility for registration of social workers from 2019. Interestingly, in England, social work students do not register while undertaking their training, something Scottish students do, and which I feel is important that we have held onto in Scotland. It was also interesting hearing how the framework for practice teachers in training is being reviewed and how it is delivered in England.

I had the honour of delivering a workshop to delegates on ScOPTbox and it was great to see ScOPTbox so warmly received, with practice teachers excited about the prospect of using the resource for themselves and also with their wider workforce. A wee flurry of tweets came on the day, with a number of people signing up to be ScOPT members during the workshop.

Thank you to NOPT for hosting such a great event and it was clear the value of practice teaching, not only within social work education but also in ongoing professional practice. Watch this space as ScOPT and NOPT join forces for some future collaborations."



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