Service user and carer (SUAC) involvement in social work education has been mandatory for 15 years now. There is a lot of learning to share with educators and practitioners working across health, social care and public services generally. It is also relevant to policy-makers committed to mainstreaming person-centred or person-led approaches and true partnership working.

IRISS have recently launched a series of stories that illustrate and celebrate SUAC involvement in teaching and learning. These have been created in partnership with the Scottish Inter-University Service User and Carers Network.

The stories:

  • highlight current challenges and future ambitions of user involvement
  • challenge your sense of professional identity
  • inspire you to reflect on your current practice
  • support you to be a better practitioner

Social work student and service user role play sessions
The story of role-play sessions held between social work students at the University of Strathclyde and members of the service user and carer group.

No Recourse to Public Funds: Olivia's story
Olivia Ndoti from the Women's Asylum Support Housing (WASH) project, came to Glasgow Caledonian University to talk to social work students about having No Recourse to Public Funds (NRPF).

Bringing the law to life with lived experience
Social work students at Glasgow Caledonian University take part in a session that formed part of their Working with Law and Ethics module, No Recourse to Public Funds (NRPF): supporting Individuals and understanding their rights.

University of Edinburgh and Grassmarket Community Project collaboration
Reflection by students on their experiences of how engaging directly with service users impacted on their learning.

Critical reading and the Open University
Sandy Sieminski, Jenny Bew and Alice Bradley share their learning and reflections on the importance of service user and carer involvement in critical reading.

More stories in the series will be released in the autumn.

See all the stories on IRISS's website at

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