In CELCIS' November newsletter, we were informed of their survey of care experienced students in Scotland's colleges and universities (the first of its kind). The deadline for responses has now past (Friday 14 December) but we eagerly await the findings.

CELCIS published  a briefing "Going to university from care" in September 2018. This is part of their Beyond the Headlines series, going behind some of the most commonly reported statistics relating to children and young people in care.

"Interrogation of data concerning care experienced young people’s educational journeys starts to reveal a more complicated picture than the ‘going to university gap’ between students that are care experienced and those that are not. Achievements of care experienced young people in further education are often overlooked. It also shows that while routes to university may be less direct, this is a route taken more often than some headline figures used alone would suggest.

The relevant policies, legislations and bursaries in place for care experienced students based at Scottish institutions are also set out within this briefing, as well as looking at why declaring care identity matters."

As Practice Educators, some of us have experience of supporting these students or providing advice to social work colleagues supporting the care experienced young person to apply to and successfully navigate college or university.

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