Our report pulls together the outcomes for the event, the contributions from our 2 speakers and the use of Fishbowl as a means to stimulate discussion among key stakeholders in considering wellbeing in Practice Learning. We have included a simple Take Away sheet for participants to take back a personalised plan to their workplace on what supports their wellbeing.

The report provides a summary of the themes identified in the action points created by participants in the follow on Talking Points stations - these relate to:

  • What I can do for me
  • What I can do for my colleagues
  • What my organisation can do for me

It includes feedback from a representation of stakeholders on their experience of the event and this is encouraging.

The Board of Trustees next meet on 25 April ad will consider the actions, in planning ScOPT's action plan for 2019-20.

Many thanks to our partner, the University of Dundee, to Brian Leslie (University of Dundee) and Trisha Hall (SASW) for their presentations, to Gail Murphy (trustee and PE), Janet Peggie (Barnardos, HR), Tapiwa Kuvarega (student, University of Dundee) Trisha Hall and Brian Leslie for participating in the Fishbowl exercise and to all our members and friends who made this such an enjoyable and interesting event!  Until next year....

ScOPT Learning Event February 2019 - report

SCOPT Feb 2019 Brian's presentation

SASW presentation ScOPT 26 Feb 2018 TH 

Take Away



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