Linda Grierson, on behalf of the SWEP (Social Work Education Partnership) Practice Learning sub group writes, 

The Social Work Education Partnership (SWEP), a strategic group focusing on a range of practice learning issues, has a new sub group involving university and practice learning colleagues and the remit of this group is to focus on practice learning models. It may be that, due to the current and future challenges of obtaining sufficient social work placements, other models of practice learning could be developed to meet this challenge. The starting point of the group is to find out more about the range of models which are currently being used and also models which have been used or piloted in the past. We know most practice learning takes place on a 1:1 model, i.e. one practice teacher with one student (often with a linkworker involved too) and we also know that student groups/workshops, group supervision, or blended models are also used very successfully. 

We’d really like to know more about different models currently being used and the benefits or challenges of these, so the SWEP sub group can collate some information and consider what is working well and what other models could be developed. We’d also like to hear about models which may have been used or piloted in the past (even in the last few decades!) such as practice curriculum models, inter-professional learning models etc.   

Can you help us collate information about practice learning models?


If you are currently using any models other than the 1:1 model please contact


If you have been involved in any creative models in the past please contact


We’d love to hear from you!

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