In support of last week's Black Tuesday and the use of space to amplify the voices, work and message of the Black Community, this Practice Wisdom is sharing work promoting anti-racist practice within practice education in Scotland.

I have  attached the slides from Dr Dina Sidhva's recent Keep On Practice Educating workshop on Supporting Black and Minority Ethnic Students from April 2020. Dina’s purpose in delivering this workshop was to enable a deeper and more critical appreciation for the experiences of BME social work students, and how a deeper understanding can inform our role as educators.

Opening up a debate on an uncomfortable truth, No Problem Here: Understanding Racism in Scotland (Davidson et al, 2018) gathers together the views of academics, activists and anti-racism campaigners who argue that it is vital that the issue of racism be brought into the centre of public conversations.

Please read and share. #blacklivesmatter

Take care, Cath 😊



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