Have you supported a social work student during this pandemic? What was your experience? How did you meet the challenges of supporting their learning?

The SWEP (Social Work Education Partnership) and SSSC (Scottish Social Service Council) are planning to joint host a series of webinars on the theme of collaboration, to share some of the good practice, innovation and challenges overcome in creating, supporting and undertaking practice learning opportunities in the current climate.

These webinars will be around an hour long, and open to students, practitioners, organisations, Local Authorities and Independent Practice Educators alike. Alongside these sessions the SSSC website will host some pre-recorded ‘digital stories’ – short (5-10 minutes), informal interviews with various stakeholders (practice educators, students, host agencies, tutors) about their experiences in practice learning over the past 6 months.

Contact rosie.megginson@swepscotland.org for more information.

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