‘Recovery, Restoration, Reconstruction, Renewal?
Teaching and learning for practice and in practice.

13th International Conference on Practice Teaching and Field Education in Health and Social Work
Wednesday 13th & Thursday 14th October 2021
An online event

Call for Abstracts

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed everything. Its after-effects will endure for years.
At this conference we will share our experiences of Practice Education for health and
social care professionals and consider the future of teaching and learning – for practice
and in practice – in a very different and uncertain world. There will be selected live
sessions, pre-recorded presentations and live Q&A, interactive workshops with breakout

Submissions of abstracts are invited for Oral Presentations, Interactive Workshops, Poster
Presentations and Roundtable Discussions. Proposals should relate to one or more of the
conference themes.

Conference Themes

  1. Adapting to a disrupted world? What worked or did not work?
  2. The shift to online and blended teaching strategies. What were the challenges, what
    was successful and what will be retained for the future?
  3. Approaches to the return to normality and the future – what need we restore,
    reconstruct? How can we plan for the future?
  4. Interprofessional learning. What partnerships and collaborations emerged?
  5. The impact on international approaches to practice education
  6. The professional and personal impact of the pandemic on students and teachers.




The Practice Teaching and Field Education conference series is sponsored by Whiting & Birch Ltd, 90 Dartmouth
Road, London SE23 3HZ email: elenap@whitingbirch.net Tel: +44(0)20-8244-2421

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