“I’ll just keep doing my best which is what we are all trying to do”

The last A Day in The Life Practice Wisdom of 2020 is from Eilidh McDonald, a social worker with SWIIS fostering and adoption agency, who reflects on the impact of her professional and personal life merging into each other as we went into the first lockdown in 2020, describing it best with the powerful line: “I spent a lot of time having confidential conversations in my toilet”.

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Metaphors of Resilience

This month’s Thursday Thunking article is by PhD student, former social worker and independent practice educator, Sarah Rose. Sarah is just completing a PhD interviewing social workers to explore their understanding  and experience of emotional resilience in relation to their role. Sarah has previously adapted this research into practice knowledge and skills promoting resilience for practice educators via the Just Keep On Practice Educating workshops, hosted by Learning Network West in collaboration with Glasgow Caledonian University.

In this article, Sarah reflects on the particular metaphors used by social workers in the research and discusses how they may illuminate our understanding of emotional resilience in relation to the social work role.

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