The ScOPT Committee is very active on behalf of the membership - attending meetings, consultation events, promoting the work of ScOPT, supporting members... and much more. Here are some quick updates about what committee members are up to.

We're helping practice educators to get the most out of ScOPTbox today. Thanks to Viv Cree at the University of Edinburgh for providing the venue.

The Social Workers Educational Trust have funded this training programme and we're planning more dates at venues around Scotland so keep an eye on the website for more details.

Just had a really good chat about ScOPTbox with Alan Baird, the Chief Social Work Adviser to the Scottish Government.

Conference planning group met today, it is all starting to come together! Watch out for posts on ScOPT soon for further announcements.

We met today to start conference planning. We need to agree on a theme for the event and discussion started at meeting but we’re keen to get everyone’s views - so please join the discussion.