Practice Learning & Teaching Tools For The Job

The exercises in this Toolkit have been collected from a variety of sources. The contents are arranged to reflect the levels of attainment for the Practice Learning Qualification (Social Services)

This is very much a ‘starter’ pack to which to add – there are a few blank sheets to help you get started.

Wherever possible material has been attributed to the individual(s) who produced it.

This Toolkit was produced in 2008 based on the previous Toolkit of 2002.

We have tried to include exercises that we have found useful with different students. ‘One Size’ does not fit all – but as a Practice Teacher you need to have a range of tools with which to work. As a guide we have cross-referenced each of the exercises to the PLQ(SS) units for the Professional Development Award in Practice Learning. Practice Teachers should however feel free to use these creatively.

Be aware that there may have been changes in legislation and ensure that you are up-to-date.

We are working a way of making this an online learning resource, which will allow us to considerably expand the Toolkit.