Please complete the following application form to apply to be a trustee of ScOPT. Further information about ScOPT, including our objectives and constitution, can all be found on this website.

Data Usage: This form is to be completed in preparation for starting volunteering or where you are considering volunteering for ScOPT. Data in this form will be kept on file for 6 months after which it will be deleted if you do not undertaken volunteering activity. Where you successfully undertake volunteering activity with ScOPT this information will be kept on file for up to 7 years after your volunteering activity ceases.

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Experience and Skills

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Personal Statement

Please state why you want to be a trustee and how you feel you could contribute to ScOPT (no more than 500 words)


Are there any other factors, activities or connections which you feel might be raised now or in the future about your suitability to hold the position of trustee with ScOPT - eg. factors which may pose a conflict of interest, personal relationships, investigations/conditions by regularity bodies?


Please give the name and address of two referees who can comment on your suitability for this role. Please note references from relatives are not acceptable.

First Referee
Second Referee


  • I confirm that the details given in this form are correct and understand that any false declaration may result in my removal from the board of trustees.
  • I am aged 16 years or over at the date of this election or appointment.
  • I do not have an unspent conviction for an offence involving dishonesty or an offence under the Charities and Trustee Investment (Scotland) Act 2005.
  • I am not an undischarged bankrupt or have a Protected Trust Deed.
  • I have not been removed under either Scottish or English Law or the courts from being a charity trustee.
  • I have not been disqualified from being a company director.
  • I am not barred from regulated work with protected adults or children under either Scottish or English Law.
  • I hereby explicitly consent to ScOPT holding my personal details within a manual or electronic filing system in relation to the Data Protection Act 1998.
  • I understand that my appointment as a trustee is dependent on me becoming a member of ScOPT, if not one already.
  • I undertake to fulfill my responsibilities and duties as a trustee of ScOPT in good faith and in accordance with the law and within ScOPT's objectives and constitution.
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