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Running bi-monthly, ThursdayThunking* is a series of thought-provoking articles will offer information, insight and ideas... and maybe cause you to rethink the way you view things. Our goal is to stimulate thinking, improve practice and provide a critical backdrop for ongoing debate.

* Yes, it's a real word! Thunking: the act of thinking deeply and/or for long periods of time.

We've been delighted by the response to our requests for people to do a bit of ThursdayThunking.

Interested in a bit of Thunking on a Thursday?

Would you be willing to write an article for the ScOPT at some point? The topic is up to you, but it has to be relevant to practice learning. There's no particular rush on timescale – we can fit in with whatever works for you. Also, there are no real constraints on word count, but somewhere between 750 and 2000 would be ideal - shorter is usually better! If you want to spread a longer piece over a couple of articles (ie. months) that's ok too. It can be broken up however you see fit - pictures, links, etc are also fine.

We can also highlight any resources that you want to link to or upload. Please do consider allowing us to add any resources to ScOPTbox if they’re not already there.

As you can see, we're very flexible. Just email with your outline ideas.

We do do a sanity check of the submissions - mainly around whether the structure and tone fits with our website, and sorting issues of potential duplication. We also consider scheduling: checking whether certain articles complement each other and can therefore run after each other, or seeing if there is anything happening in the social work world relating to a particular topic that we can tie an article to.

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